Diesel Engine Common Rail Fuel Injector/Nozzle 0445120244

ntroducing Injector/Nozzle 0445120244, the reliable common rail injector for WEICHAI 13024966 and BOSCH CRIN2-16-BL engines. Experience improved engine performance, fuel savings, and reduced noise. Order now from Ruich Value, your trusted auto parts supplier.

Injector/Nozzle 0445120244 for WEICHAI and BOSCH Engines

Injector/Nozzle 0445120244 is a high-quality common rail injector that is compatible with WEICHAI 13024966 and BOSCH CRIN2-16-BL It is designed to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and enhance engine performance.

Features of Injector/Nozzle 0445120244

  • Reliable quality, fuel saving and durability, and excellent performance.
  • Solve jitter, reduce fuel consumption, reduce carbon deposition, and improve power.
  • Improve atomization, complete combustion, rapid and steady, and reduce noise.
  • The engine runs smoothly and the fuel delivery is balanced during driving, giving you a good experience.

Product Information of Injector/Nozzle 0445120244

Material Production Process Application for Engine Model and Brand
Steel Precision machining WEICHAI WP10 WP12 WP13 WP6 WP7 WP9

Other Related Models

Model Number Compatible With
0445120107 WEICHAI WD615 WD618 WD10G220E23 WD12G240E21
0445120166 WEICHAI WP10 WP12 WP13 WP6 WP7 WP9

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