Ruich Value Turbo T04B59 – High-Performance Turbocharger for Komatsu Engines

Turbo T04B59 is a high-quality turbocharger that fits various models of Komatsu engines. It can improve the engine power, efficiency, and reliability. Learn more here.

Product Introduction

Turbo T04B59 is a high-performance turbocharger that fits various models of Komatsu engines, such as S6D105B, S6D105, S6D105-1, SA6D105, and more. It can improve engine power and efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and emission, and enhance vehicle performance and reliability.

Product Features

  • Made with Honeywell-Garrett original technology and standard, quality guaranteed
  • Made with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, resistant to high temperature, wear, and corrosion
  • Made with precise balance testing and tuning, ensuring the stability and lifespan of the turbocharger
  • Made with advanced design and structure, improving the efficiency and performance of the turbocharger
  • Compatible with various models of Komatsu engines, easy to install, no modification required

Product Information

Item Value
Part Number 465044-5261S
Alternative Number 465044-0261, 465044-5261 etc.
OEM Number 6137828600, 6137828200 etc.
Turbo Model T04B59
Manufacturer Honeywell-Garrett
Engine Model S6D105B, S6D105, S6D105-1, SA6D105 etc.
Displacement 6.5L, 6500 ccm
Cylinders 6
Fuel Type Diesel
Power 125 kW/168 HP

Other Related Models

Model Model Model Model
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TD04-27 W TBP417 TA4532 TA3137
T300 TA3103 T04E15 S2B
T04B59/TO4B S500 S400 KTR90
KTR130-3 KTR110 HX82 HX40W
HX40 HX35 HX35W HX30-3
HX25-1 W H1C D355 D155

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