Turbos TBP408-1 W for IVECO 8060 25 400 8060 25 4000 8060 25 4700

Turbos TBP408-1 W for IVECO Trucks

One of our featured products is the Turbos TBP408-1 W, which is a runoff exhaust-gas-turbo-super-charger that can boost the performance and efficiency of your IVECO truck engine. This turbocharger is compatible with IVECO 8060 25 400, 8060 25 4000, and 8060 25 4700 engines with 8040.45.400 engine type. It has a part number of 465425-1 or 98467056 and it can be customized according to your specific needs.

Features of Turbos TBP408-1 W

  • It is made of iron and has a compressor as an ETS component.
  • It has a reference FOB price of US $20.00-200.00 per piece.
  • It has a high quality and durability that can withstand high temperatures and pressures.
  • It can improve the power, torque, fuel economy and emissions of your IVECO truck engine.
  • It has a low noise level and a smooth operation.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.

Product Info of Turbos TBP408-1 W

Turbo Model OEM & Part Numbers Application Engine Maker
TBP408-1 465425-1,98467056,
IVECO 8060 25 400
IVECO 8060 25 4000
IVECO 8060 25 4700

Other Related Models of Turbochargers for IVECO Trucks

Turbo Model OEM/Part Number Application
TAO302 465318-0009 8140.27.215
TAO318 465379-0001 8040.45.261
TAO303 465632-0007 8042.25.4980
TO4B49 465640-0008 8060.24.661
TO4E49 465443-0001 8060.25.221
TO4E46 465413-0003 8060.45.4100
TBP408 465425-0003 8060.25.4740
TA4511 466652-0003 8465.41.601
TA5126 454003-0006 8210.42.3250
GTC4088V 789500-0002 Cursor 9

Meanwhile, there are more turbo and its spare parts such as Turbocharger core assembly, cartridge/Chra, compressor wheel, turbine wheel, wastegate, actuator, bearing housing, and repair kits available

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