Caterpillar fuel Injectors C7 C9

Fuel efficiency and precision meet in our C7/C9 Injector. Engineered for Caterpillar engines, it’s a durable, OEM-quality choice. Upgrade today for optimal performance

Product Name: C7/C9 Injector

Brief Introduction: C7/C9 Injector is a high-quality diesel fuel injector designed for use in Caterpillar engines. It is made from premium materials and manufactured using advanced production processes to ensure optimal performance and durability.


  • High-quality construction for long-lasting performance
  • Precision-engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Fuel-efficient design for reduced emissions and improved fuel economy
  • Easy to install and maintain

Product Information:

Engine Model Part Number OEM Number
Caterpillar C7 RV-2638218 263-8218
Caterpillar C7 RV-3879427 387-9427
Caterpillar C7 RV-2388091 238-8091
Caterpillar C7 RV-2413239 241-3239
Caterpillar C7 RV-3282582 328-2582
Caterpillar C7 RV-10R4761 10R-4761
Caterpillar C7 RV-10R4762 10R-4762
Caterpillar C7 RV-10R4763 10R-4763
Caterpillar C9 RV-3879433 387-9433
Caterpillar C9 RV-2544399 254-4399
Caterpillar C9 RV-2544340 254-4340

Brand: Ruich Value Material: Premium quality materials Production Process: Advanced manufacturing process

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