Conrod bearings for Cummins C/ISLe Engine

Upgrade your diesel engine with high-quality Cummins C/ISLe engine bearings from a reputable source. Experience smoother operation, reduced maintenance costs, and extended service life. Compatible with Cummins C8.3, ISL9, ISLe5 engines.

Cummins C/ISLe engine bearing


Cummins C/ISLe engine bearing is a high-quality diesel engine connecting rod bearing, suitable for Cummins C/ISLe series engines. It is produced by Ruich Value, using high-quality materials and processes, ensuring consistency with the original specifications and standards. It can improve the diesel engine’s smooth operation, wear resistance, fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance, extend service life and reduce maintenance costs.


  • Material: high-quality copper alloy or aluminum alloy
  • Production process: precise casting, machining, polishing, cleaning, testing and packaging
  • Application: suitable for Cummins C/ISLe series engines, including C8.3, ISL9, ISLe5, etc.
  • Price: competitive and negotiable

Product information

Part number Description Engine model/brand
3950661/3901430 Conrod bearing Cummins C/ISLe

Other related models

In addition to 3950661/3901430, we also provide other bearings suitable for Cummins engines. Here are some of them:

Model Model Model Model
EQ 6BT QSZ(ISZ)13 QSX(ISX)15 NT855(13L, 15L)
NT855 N14(NT743, NH220) N14(NT74) M11(LT10)
KTA(QSK) 50/38/19 ISDe L, D, C 4B, 4BTA 390

we can develop specific models per your drawing or sample

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