Turbos GT37-1 W GT4082S for Scania Truck P94L Truck/K-Bus with DSC13 Engine

Enhance your engine’s performance with Turbos GT37-1 W. Experience increased airflow, pressure, power, and torque. Its efficient design, durable construction, and easy installation make it the perfect choice for various vehicles and engines.

Turbos GT37-1 W

Turbos GT37-1 W is a high-performance turbocharger that is suitable for various vehicles and engines. It uses Garrett’s GT37 technology, which has efficient compressor and turbine wheels, as well as durable bearings and seal systems. Turbos GT37-1 W can provide more airflow and pressure, thereby increasing the engine’s power and torque.

Product Features

  • Efficient compressor and turbine wheels, providing higher air flow and pressure
  • Durable bearings and seal systems, ensuring the stable operation of the turbocharger
  • Compatible with various vehicles and engines, adapting to different needs
  • Simple installation and maintenance, saving time and cost

Product Parameters

Product Name Turbos GT37-1 W
Compressor Wheel Diameter 88.9 mm
Turbine Wheel Diameter 82.0 mm
Compression Ratio 3.0:1
Maximum Speed 112000 rpm
Maximum Air Flow 105 lb/min
Maximum Pressure Ratio 2.8:1

Product Application

Turbos GT37-1 W is applicable to the following vehicles and engines:

Vehicle Engine Model OEM Number

Ford Power Stroke

6.7L diesel BC3Z6K682C

Cummins ISX

15L diesel


Caterpillar C15 15L diesel


Scania DSC13 Engine







1405666, 571491,

1501646, 1524876,


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