Turbo Turbocharger S4DS011 for Caterpillar Earth Moving with 3306 Engine

Upgrade your Caterpillar 3306 engine with our top-of-the-line turbochargers for Turbo S4DS011, delivering exceptional power, efficiency, and reliability.

Turbochargers for Turbo S4DS011 – Durable and Reliable


The Turbo S4DS011 is a high-performance turbocharger for the Caterpillar 3306 engine, a 10.5-liter diesel engine that powers various models of Caterpillar earth moving equipment, such as articulated dump trucks, challengers, excavators, and generators. The engine has six cylinders, each equipped with a turbocharger made of cast iron or aluminum alloy. The cast iron material has high strength and durability, while the aluminum alloy material has high thermal conductivity and lightweight.

Ruich Value is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of top-quality turbochargers for Caterpillar engines. We use advanced technology and strict quality control measures to produce turbochargers that meet or exceed the original specifications. Our turbochargers are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.


Some of the features of our turbochargers for Turbo S4DS011 are:

  • High boost pressure: Our turbochargers can provide up to 1.8 bar of boost pressure, which increases the power output and torque of the engine by up to 40%.
  • Low lag: Our turbochargers have a fast response time and low inertia, which reduces the lag between the throttle input and the boost output. This improves the drivability and performance of the engine.
  • Good cooling: Our turbochargers have a water-cooled bearing housing and an oil-cooled center housing, which prevent overheating and thermal stress of the turbocharger components.
  • Easy installation and replacement: Our turbochargers are designed to fit perfectly into the engine manifold and exhaust system, without requiring any machining or modification. They are also easy to remove and replace when worn out or damaged.
  • 100% Tested by TurboTechnic VSR. Ruich Value Turbo k27 has been rigorously tested by TurboTechnic VSR, which ensures its quality and performance. TurboTechnic VSR is an advanced turbocharger balancing machine that can simulate real working conditions and detect the vibration and noise of the turbocharger.

Product Info

The product info of our turbochargers for Turbo S4DS011 is as follows:

Material Cast iron or aluminum alloy
Production process Casting, machining, polishing
Application Turbo S4DS011
Engine type Diesel
Engine model Caterpillar 3306
Year Various years
CC 10.5L
Horse power Various ratings
Cylinder number 6

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