Volvo Cylinder Liner TD61

Volvo TD61 Cylinder Liner


Volvo TD61 cylinder liner is an important part of Volvo TD61 engine, which protects the cylinder wall from wear and tear caused by the pistons and piston rings, and improves the engine’s life and efficiency. Volvo TD61 engine is a 6-cylinder water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine, with high power, low emission, low noise and low fuel consumption. It is widely used in various construction machinery, marine and industrial equipment of Volvo, Akerman and other brands, such as Volvo L70C, L90D, EC200 and so on.


  • Our Volvo TD61 cylinder liners are made of high-quality materials and processes, with high strength, wear resistance, sealing and precision.
  • We offer various specifications of Volvo TD61 cylinder liners, suitable for different engine models and application scenarios, such as naturally aspirated, turbocharged, marine and industrial.
  • Our Volvo TD61 cylinder liners can improve the engine’s performance, efficiency and reliability, making your equipment more powerful and fuel-efficient.
  • Our Volvo TD61 cylinder liners are subject to strict quality inspection and performance testing, meeting or exceeding the original factory standards. They can perfectly match your engine and are easy to install.

Product Information

Material Process Application
Cast iron Phosphating Suitable for turbocharged diesel engine

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