Main Bearing for Your Iveco 8040.05 Engine

High-quality Iveco 8040.05 main bearing with high precision, wear resistance, and reliability. Precise machining ensures accuracy and smoothness. Alloy copper base material and hard alloy coating resist friction and wear, extending service life. The trustworthy choice for reliable engine performance

Ruich Value Iveco 8040.05 Main Bearing

Product Introduction

The main bearing is an important part of the engine, it supports and fixes the crankshaft, ensuring the normal operation of the crankshaft. The main bearing is affected by high temperature, high pressure and high speed, so it needs to have high strength, high wear resistance and high reliability. Ruich Value Iveco 8040.05 main bearing is a high-quality product designed and produced for Iveco 8040.05 series diesel engines, it adopts advanced materials and processes, with the following features:

Product Features

  • High precision: Ruich Value Iveco 8040.05 main bearing adopts precise machining equipment and testing instruments, ensuring the accuracy of the size and the smoothness of the surface, thereby improving the fit and seal between the crankshaft and the main bearing.
  • High wear resistance: Ruich Value Iveco 8040.05 main bearing adopts high-quality alloy copper as the base material, with a layer of hard alloy plated on the surface, forming a tough wear-resistant layer, effectively resisting friction and wear, extending the service life.
  • High reliability: Ruich Value Iveco 8040.05 main bearing adopts special design and structure, enhancing the impact resistance and fatigue resistance of the main bearing, preventing the main bearing from breaking and deforming, ensuring the stable operation of the engine.

Product Information

Material Production Process Applicable Engine Model Applicable Engine Brand
Alloy copper + hard alloy Precision machining + surface coating Iveco 8040.05, 3908 ccm, 56 kW1 Iveco

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