Turbo CT20-2 W: The Ultimate Turbocharger for Your Toyota Car

Upgrade your Toyota 22R-TE engine with Turbo CT20-2 W, a direct bolt-on replacement turbocharger that delivers more power, efficiency, and durability while maintaining OEM fitment.

Turbo CT20-2 W by Ruich Value is here to transform your Toyota 22R-TE engine. This turbocharger is a direct bolt-on replacement for the stock CT20 turbo that delivers more power and efficiency while maintaining reliability and durability.


Turbo CT20-2 W is a replacement turbocharger for the stock CT20 turbo that comes with the Toyota 22R-TE engine. It is a direct bolt-on replacement turbo that retains the OEM factory fitments for oil feed/drain, downpipe, and piping connections. It fits 2.4L 22R-TE engine on:

  • Late 1985-1988 Toyota Hilux
  • 1986-1987 Toyota 4Runner

Turbo CT20-2 W features

Turbo CT20-2 W has many features that make it superior to the stock CT20 turbo. Some of them are:

  • It is a ball bearing, water-cooled turbo that is internally gated and preset to 7psi.
  • It has a turbine blade made of rare metal Ni, which has the advantages of a good working blade under high temperature environment, large power, and long service life.
  • It has a larger compressor wheel than the stock CT20, which increases the air flow and boost pressure.
  • It has a more efficient design that reduces the turbo lag and improves the throttle response.

Turbo CT20-2 W Product Info

Here are some of the product details of Turbo CT20-2 W:

Material Production Process Application for Engine Model and Brand
Aluminum alloy Casting Toyota 22R-TE 2.4L
Stainless steel Machining Toyota Hilux/4Runner

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