Mitsubishi Crankshaft

Our Mitsubishi Serial Crankshafts covered most of Mitsubishi’s popular models such as S4Q 4D30/4D31 4D32 4D33/4D34 4D34T 4D35 4D55 4D56/T 4D56T-2 4D56U 4DR5 4G15 4G54 4G63 4G64 4M40 S4S S6S S6KT 4D130 S4E S4F 6D14/15 6D16 6D16T 6D17 6D31 6D34 6D22 6D24 8DC91 6D40 6G72 6DB1 4G93 4G94 4M40 6D16, etc…

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