Boost Your Toyota Land Cruiser with Ruich Value RHF5-20 V.E Turbo

Upgrade your Toyota 200 series Land Cruiser C-Rail Wagon with RHF5-20 V.E Turbo by IHI Turbo – CloverTurbo. This high-performance turbo boasts larger airflow, higher boost pressure, and improved fuel economy, perfect for various driving conditions.

RHF5-20 V.E Turbo

RHF5-20 V.E Turbo is a high-performance turbocharger that fits Toyota 200 series Land cruiser C-Rail Wagon with 1VD-FTV VDJ76 78 79 engine It can boost your engine power and torque, improve your fuel economy and emission performance, and suit various working conditions and driving needs.

Features of RHF5-20 V.E Turbo

  • has an efficient compressor and turbine design, providing larger air flow and higher boost pressure
    uses high-quality materials and production processes, ensuring the durability and reliability of the turbocharger
    compatible with other vehicles that use the same engine model, such as Toyota Hilux, Toyota Prado, Toyota Fortuner, and Toyota Coaster

Product Information of RHF5-20 V.E Turbo

Item Information
Model RHF5-20 V.E
Manufacturer IHI Turbo – CloverTurbo
Engine 1VD-FTV
Engine Manufacturer Toyota
Displacement 4.5L, 4461 ccm
Fuel Diesel
Power 195 HP
Compressor Housing Angle 143°
Turbine Housing Angle 90°
Back Plate 3530923 (1154351300)
CHRA VAX50089 (1450050900)
Compressor Wheel (Ind. 34.45 mm, Exd. 52.5 mm, 6+6 Blades, Super Back)
Oil Outlet Gasket 210636 (2445067) (Paper)
Turbine Inlet Gasket 210276 (2445051) (Stainless Steel)
Turbine Outlet Gasket 210578 (Stainless Steel)
Heat Shield Number (1450050340)
Repair Kit NH459809
Turbine Housing A/R 20

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