Ruich Value Hino H07D Crankshaft

When it comes to replacing your crankshaft, you want a part that works like new. That’s why we recommend our Ruich Value Hino H07D crankshaft. It’s an aftermarket part that meets the highest standards of quality and performance

Ruich Value Hino H07D Crankshaft – Aftermarket Part

The Hino H07D crankshaft is a vital component of the Hino H07D engine, which is an inline six cylinders diesel engine with a displacement of 7.4 liters and a power output of up to 220 hp. The Hino H07D engine is widely used in various applications, such as trucks, buses, excavators, cranes, generators, and more.

The Ruich Value Hino H07D crankshaft is a high-quality aftermarket replacement part that meets or exceeds the original specifications and performance. It is made of forged steel with precise machining and heat treatment to ensure durability and reliability. It also features a balanced design to reduce vibration and noise.

Features of Ruich Value Hino H07D Crankshaft

  • Forged steel material with high strength and hardness
  • Precise machining and grinding to ensure dimensional accuracy and smooth surface
  • Heat treatment to enhance wear resistance and fatigue strength
  • Balanced design to reduce vibration and noise
  • Compatible with original bearings, pistons, rods, and other parts
  • Quality control and inspection to ensure conformity and performance

Product Information of Ruich Value Hino H07D Crankshaft

Item Specification
Material Forged steel
Production process Forging – Machining – Grinding –

Heat Treatment – Balancing – Inspection

Application Hino H07D engine
Engine model Inline six cylinders diesel
Displacement 7.4 liters
Bore 110 mm
Stroke 130 mm
OEM number 13411-1583

Other Related Models of Ruich Value Crankshafts

Engine Model OEM Number
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W06E 13411-1590
J05E 13411-E0030
J08C/J08E 13411-2241
H07C/H07CT 13411-1582A
H07D 13411-1702
EK100 13400-1032
EK100-II 13400-1032A
EM100 13400-1082
EH700 13411-1291
NE6 12000-Z5505
P11C 13411-2261
P11C new 13411-E0230
EF750 13400-1093A
EF750-II 13400-1093B

we can also develop customized/billet crankshaft per your drawing or samples

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